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Libtard writer cites and quotes everything but the law and constitution in Gold Butte land poaching "article"
Federal Judas Goat Mark McConnell earns himself a protection order by stalking Jon Ritzheimer.
Pentagon now says Air Support to ISIS in Syria was incompetent "mistake", offer confusion on how air strike occurred..
Bundy Nevada discovery shows BLM agent Daniel P Love is a delusional tyrant.

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Gold Butte, Nevada

As Lord Zero, Barry the (bathhouse)great, continues his scorched earth exit from the office of POTUS he has decreed one of his last parting blows to the republic. The white house released two land poaching announcements, a MASSIVE chunk of Utah which is larger than the state of Delaware and the lands adjacent to and partly containing Bundy Ranch aka Gold Butte, NV. Nevadans were very quick to counter with a proclamation and evocation of Article 1, Section 8, clause 17 of the united states constitution and a protest of the POTUS' subversive land poaching proclamation. Both land grabs were immediately met with opposition and since we have all seen this movie before with Bundy Ranch 1, Militia groups have gone into preparation mode in order to lend assistance in defense of Nevadan's constitutional property rights. With POUTSE Trump positioned to take the wheel just 20 days from this post, wishful thinking is hopeful for a reversal. Stay tuned and keep yourself well regulated!

An important message from Gavin Siem
The Beautiful "Militia Babe" Kristen Ekstrom and her son Donovan at Memorial Service for Lavoy Finicum.

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July, 15th, 2015 Jade Helm 15, counter surveillance tips!
Operation Rhodochrosite Rudder, an answer to Jade Helm 15