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Cope Reynolds debunks viral Martial Law Document.
"the real problem with guns is that people are fucking stupid" Joe Rogan.
Practice of 2nd Amendment rights sends Cleveland police into near panic at RNC.
PDF Militia leader Bill Keebler taken down by FBI in bizarre BLM tool shed demolition entrapment scheme, press convicts immediately.
Omar Mateen was a known Muslim terrorist sleeper cell to the FBI for last three years.
FBI prosecutes "mind crime" plot against Islamberg, meanwhile Muslim terrorist who kills 50 gays in FL runs amok for three years (see above story) much like San Bernadidio couple.
Guns for WE, but not for thee, says CA royal class of politicians.

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Given the recent turn of events at Donald Trump campaign rallies, such as the violent mobs of foreign nationals in San Jose CA, Thugs of Chicago and race rioters in Albuquerque NM the State Citizen Militias have activated in response. A grassroots occurrence of open carry at a TX Rally was first, but the initial full scale joint operation occurred in Phoenix AZ. The participating Militia groups were BQG, AZ Pathfinders, ADF and a contingent of lone wolf operators who worked in concert with Bikers for Trump group of AZ "Lions Guard". The operation was a complete success and was able to transform what were becoming chaotic blood baths into an event with zero injuries and assaults. There were 5 heat related injuries due to the 117 degree heat!!! One of these was a Militia who had been out in these record temps all day.

This blueprint will be extended out nationally, stay tuned and be ready to activate in defense of liberty and the security of your State at the next Trump rally.

The Beautiful "Militia Babe" Kristen Ekstrom and her son Donovan at Memorial Service for Lavoy Finicum.

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July, 15th, 2015 Jade Helm 15, counter surveillance tips!
Operation Rhodochrosite Rudder, an answer to Jade Helm 15